Thursday, May 27, 2010

without word..~~u're BEAUTIFUL..^^

            really dem crazy to da drama You're beautiful 
love u guys  
        hyung nim~ (Jang Geun Suk
jeremy~ (Lee Hong Ki)
              go mi nam~(Park Shin Hye ) 
                shin woo~ (Jung Yong Hwa)....huhu

u make my day..u make me cry...u make me laughing and really kicking me alive...
Boys over flowers and You're beautiful really make me wanna go to KOREA~~!! huhu
ok..lets chekidaout diz pict of them guys~~

 hyung nim so dem cute~!!^^

hyung nim in stylo~!! huhu

 u guys so sweet together~!! huhu

Jeremy~!! u r so funny lowh~~huhu..
really make laughing wif ur acting..hehe

Go mi Nam~!! u r so innocent~~huhu 

sHIn woo..u r so so sweet~~^^

Hyung nim and Go mi nam..^^

homaigod..homaigod...really dem cute~!!!
*penngsann 2saat*

You're Beautiful is really dem awesome and FUNNY ~!!!
to those who not watching yet..get ur time to watch diz drama~!!
u will laughing all da time and sometime u will drops ur eye tears..huhu

jummm layan diz TOUCHING song and vids

 love so much da song singing by Park shin Hye~~
 without word..u gave me ur love...

and diz is song AS EVER singing by Lee hong ki

thats all..and ryte now im still in You're beautiful mood~!!

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