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but...the best guitar players is not the best guitar teacher..
anyway..the the great guitar players spend about a much time to listen to the music playing

ok..lets guys check it out the top 10 GREATEST among of the them~!!

ROBBY JOHNSON is the no ONE in the list~!

lets listen to this guys..

Starting in the Mississippi Delta, Johnson’s life is rife with myths, and allegory. His deal with the devil and death are full of folklore and mysticism, and it only adds to his haunting voice and groundbreaking guitar playing. His songs are just a pure expression of emotion with no bars held. He led the groundwork for early blues to be filled in and worked upon by all the artists on this list. He also worked on breaking down social barriers. A black man in the early 20th century was not exactly the best place to be. But his music was to add interest by white musicians and help the civil movements of the sixties.


Hendrix was known for a lot of things. The beautiful chord embellishments on 
Little Wing, the grit of the solo in Voodoo Child,
 his cover of the Dylan song All Along The Watchtower,
 and the backwards solo in Castles Made of Sand, but known as a great innovative guitar player over and over again.
 His short but explosive career influenced numerous
 artists for many years past his death and continues to influence musicians today.

3RD- Stevie Ray Vaughan

Many people perhaps know him for Hendrix covers, 
but where Jimi left off Stevie continued, and continued he did.
 The elements of Hendrix were alive and plain to see in SRV, 
but with it, he also mixed in his own influences such as 
Albert King and his own soul to make it his sound a trademark spot on his songs.

4-th-John Frusciante

 He’s the lead guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 
Frusciante is the author of the brilliant chord progression on Under the Bridge, 
the haunting intro to Californication and the simplistic solo and riff on Otherside.
 If you’re the casual listener of the Chili Peppers, then you may wonder 
why John has made it so far up this list.  
One can catch a glimpse at his technical skill in the Dani California solo.

5-th-David Gilmour

Gilmour was made famous by his haunting guitar scores in Pink Floyd. 
This “replacement” guitarist surpassed expectations 
and helped shape Pink Floyd’s unique sound.
All the emotion that Gilmour’s poured into his guitar 
work lives on in the music and is channeled through anyone 
who’s ever wanted to cover a Pink Floyd song

6th-BB King

BB’s creamy yet piercing tone, his unique vibrato and 
his absolute flawless ability to express his emotions through the guitar 
earn him a spot in the top ten. FYI, he He may have to sit down when he plays, 
but he’ll have you on your feet when he does
 King’s years of fame haven’t gone to his head. 
He is still as humble as ever giving front row seat tickets
 to fans waiting in a cold parking lot just to have a glimpse of him. 
 He has worldwide recognition of his accomplishments as an artist. 
That’s a mark of a truly great guitarist

7-th-Jimmy Page

THE VIDEO IS NOT sorry guys

Page’s playing have influenced so many guitar players of today,
 and Led Zeppelin revolutionalized Rock and Roll blending acoustic guitars, banjos, and mandolins while still staying with the same gritty rock image. 
His guitar riffs are forever etched into Rock and Roll’s hall of fame. 
How influential was he?
 Step into a guitar store, and you’ll see.
 Thousands of 12 year old kids across the globe are playing the intro to Stairway. Now that’s how you know you’ve made it.


Mr. White is an incredibly underrated guitarist. 
His singles (From the White Stripes) always span with just three to four chords and his simplistic blues rhythm and picking styles have him overlooked most of the time.

9-th-John Mayer

Really amazing~!! the top artist is da best guitar player...If all you’ve ever heard from Mayer is Your Body Is Wonderland, or Daughters, then you’ve got to give his new album Continuum a listen to. He is no Shakespeare, but his guitar playing speaks to your soul. His songs will make most glorified tough guys miss their old girlfriend, and the rest just go to a corner and cry. If you think that his songs are all too depressing, then watch some videos of him playing. His guitar face is priceless.

10th-Tom Morello

The guitar player who makes his guitar sound anything but a guitar.
 Helicopter rudders, disc scratching, and his use of the kill switch for 
staccato like guitar riffs has made him probably
 the most innovative guitar player of our time. 
He is a guitarist who can take feedback, and ground hum from his own body into coherent music. Be it Rage Against The Machine, 
or Audioslave you can always see Morello’s signature licks shining through.

*but the best one i love to listen to DAVID GILMOUR*
of course he plays the unique music i've ever listened
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bluecrystaldude said...

John Mayer pn ada? hehe. Some of them xpenah dgar plak, but JIMI HENDRIX, JAKE WHITE and John Frusciante pernah dengar :)

midOri's said...

aah...i google2 td bru tahu john mayer pown tersenarai..huhu...mantopss kan dia..;p..


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