Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm looser In da biG world

who am i? why im here? need i do all of these craps??

sometimes its make me thinking
who am i acelly..huh..
really dem to think why im here and need to do all these craping things

its little bit confusing wut i want in my life
is that all of these will make my life happy?

At the time I was lying to myself about alot of things so
when I was finally honest I didn’t have a clue of who I was

It messes with my mind sometimes. 

im trying to work out who I was. I looked so hard I saw things that weren’t there.

cannot think till now who im

seriously thought dat im looser right now

i cannot think why i did all those thing...omg..

is that because of the insistence?? or i dont have another chooice?

could u answer me please.... 
seriously, im totally freaking crazy when thinking all of these
why me?? why it should be like this?? whyyyyyyyy?? 

~luahan kecil si gadis kurus~

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