Friday, February 19, 2010

thnx to him make me WAKE UP~!!

I'm flooded with a bounce of STRESS today...opss not only today..but lately, just imagine how many papers n journals i need to finish up and submit...with the messy and  garbled of my HPLC result...its really make me dizzy,tensi yg amatttt and blurry...wat the??? so rough time rite now for me to face it all diz thing...!! how??cannot la nak berjimbaa jumbii ke sana ke sini lagi..really gotta focuss towards all of papers to MOSTI..papers to proposal for journal dat need to submit to journal of experiments dat only one parameter left,my paper for SOMCHE and etc..

and today.... someone  make me wake up to be more hardworking and be more motivate student..who??whooo??? huh..of coz la my SV...Dr maruko  yg suka makang akok..opss...harap2 dia x marah klo dia bacer...hurm..yup..just ngah2 chatting tetiber aku cam bertanya lebih 2 pasal paper yg dia mintak...actually i do not intend to against him..but juz joking and kidding bout that...not expecting that he will take it seriously thru that thing..and xsemena2 la kena sound ngn dia....huhu..

haaa..nie laa SV aku...HZ..curik gmbr sat ea..hipships...
*sajerk nk glmerkan MARUKO HANGIT kat sini sat*

TERSENTAP makkk~!! and realy2  feeling distressful for ker 2 saat?? lebih gak la..ok..2hrs..but..within 2hrs..i'm trying to think deeply about wut he said,,,maybe its true...itsbetter two than one..opss..silap2..not can i leh termenyanyi lak lagu tuh..isk2..merapuu jek aku nieh..ok..acelly its true bout wut he said..i dont eva submit any papers to maner2 jounal lagi...n wut the cheesedale la plak i'm busy body kaki asking bout his studnts yg lain2 hntar paper ke x...dah taw mood dia ngah xelok..aku p duk tanya lagi lebih2...* kang haruuu kena MARAH free2..seb baik xkena kick ngn dia*...

n starting 7.45pm..i'm googling my mukabuku and updating my status to----> will off and out for FB  for 3 months..cannn kerr??? cann kerrr??? huh..nak seribu daya ema..cannot la if ur mind set say cannot...yup..i beleive i cann~~!! 

^^ jap2..tetiber teringat kat VID BaBY VOXX from k-pop yg title dia I beleive^^
  meh la layan sat tuk release kan mind yg ngah bercelaru yg amatt nieh..cann??

jumm ni : 

from that,it  will be my new life for me to be more hardworking and more motivate students...promise myself to be more discipline,motivate and xbuang masa sgt wif all the unbeneficial thingy like FB, yup..FB maybe 2times in two or three weeks  i'll update it and other website like K-POP,crunchyroll and other website dat i'm crazy of..ok....and start from now at this moment..i'm trying to mark myself get noticed with someone...*need i??* nop nop..silap silap..noticed by something dat beneficial for my get a better n great JOB n to get the BETTER n motivate life of being a master student at usm...ok laa...think dat enaf for all of diz...gotta go  dating wif my proposal n thinking in solving my result of HPLC..wassalam..

Nota kaki: kaki lnguh2 n tanagn lenguh2 ayam sbb  menaip pnjang cengginih yg amatt...get me later bloggers..daaa^^

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