Monday, February 15, 2010

perasaan yg terpendam..

So hardest to face with all da problems caming around
 n really hurt klo PENDAM PERASAAN nieh....

nk luah takot ppl won't hear it.
even kat my mum really hard for me to splash it how??.
haish...tensi yg teramattt~~@@
naseb baik tak gila...

be a MASTER STUDENT mmg olwez tensi..but sometimes enjoy la once allowance dh di bank in...hipships^^
nk nanges malu lah klo tensi2...but olwez jek nangis dlm BILIK bawah bntal...ingt nk nangis BAWAH CADAR...but think dat nnti susah nk tido laks if CADAR basah kena air mata yg bnyakk...haish2
BTW sape yg SANGGUP dengar i nanges??!

sape sanggup nk dengar all sad my feelings??!
why can i be like my MOM? SO tougher woman ...not like me..

LAZINESS  and feeling down alweyz around me...

i don't want to dissappoint my parents as well as my supervisor...OMG~!!.

i need to do all my best for my MASTER project~~!! my thesis..n my writting as well...

help me...
throw all my laziness far from me.

i can't stand it anymore.

MOOD: blurr n blank solution...

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