Tuesday, February 23, 2010

buzz- Y me??

~sekadar HIBURAN MATA anda~
nothing related wif diz entry...hipships..

hYe guys....its been a while for me not Googling N uPdating My blog life here..
sorry for late updating my beloved midori's life story, not intend to ignore all my socializing network ..
but lately its really hard n tough time for me to do all this craps since i need to face of with a ot of DATA of my experiments and recorrect my result for my Paper SOMCHE..*dun ask me wut is SOMCHE..if not u r dead meet*..huahuahua...----> looks like i'm so evil to state it like i?? huh..watevaa..cannot think straightly ryte now cuz i need to finish oll those craps thing b4 this THURSDAY!!..omg~~

its really driving me MAD and feels like wanna jumping from my "KATIL" to " LANTAI " jek diz it tinggi sgt kerrrr KATIL ngn LANTAI aku nie?? hohoho..xper2..asalkan still BOLEH berblogging bagai klo jatuh dari katil pownnn~~!! cann??

^^ huhu..k la guys...seems dat i gotta go now ^^

nothing interesting ENTRY for this time..and maybe for diz promise u guys if  i do hev GREATEST free time..i'll share something that will make u Laughinggg and keep laughing for  the  whole day...but sorry guys...not for now..maybe next week..hohoho

~~~OK...a big big hug for u guys from me~~~ DA...

nota KAKI: dengar orang restoren IFRAN kacau KUALI dengan kuat amatt....*masak ke MENGAMUK*???
... huahuahua...

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